“Mercy is Greater than Sacrifice”


In week two of the Flyover Series of Matthew, Pastor Zack Thurman delves into Matthew 9:9-13.

“Following Jesus Always Means Leaving Something Behind”


In the first sermon of our Flyover Series of Matthew, College Pastor Buddy Sampson discusses what it means to follow Jesus and how it requires us to leave something valuable behind. The passage for this sermon is Matthew 4 18:22.

“Right Discipleship”


In week 3 of a 5-week series on Titus, Zack describes how it is our responsibility to ensure that we train up disciples to follow Jesus. He also shares some very specific and practical ways in which discipleship happens, both intentionally and unintentionally.

“For Faith’s Sake”


Week 1 of a 5-week series on Titus. In this message, Zack breaks down the first four verses of Titus and sheds light on the powerful truths that Paul has in his letter to Titus.

“Calibrate Truth”


We all calibrate our lives around some form of truth. What truth are you calibrating your life, your worldview, and your beliefs around? In this sermon, Zack dissects Psalm 119:105-112 to help us identify how scripture is the only tool we can use to safely calibrate the beliefs that shape our lives.

“God Will Build His Church”


In our very first service at Overland Church, Zack reminds us that it is by no work of man’s hands that the church will be built, but by God’s hands alone.

***There are some audio issues and missing clips of video. We are working to fix those issues for the following weeks. ***



Heather Martin 1/27/2019

We were so excited to share this special day with Heather and to be a part of her public example that Jesus is at the center of her heart.

Heather, we are so excited for you and to be a part of how God will continue to shape your life as you follow after him.



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