How You Can Pray For Us

Prayer is a vital part of this ministry. We are always encouraged and our faith increased when we hear of others lifting us to the Lord. We know that God hears these prayers and already He has answered many of the prayer requests we have shared during our coffee and dessert events. As you continue to pray for us, you can pray these things specifically:

  • Pray that God will continue to provide the funds necessary for Overland Church. These funds involve monthly support for the Thurmans and Sampsons, in addition to monies needed to launch Overland Church.
  • Pray that the closing of the Thurmans’ Frankfort house occurs in the right time to allow them to close on time on the Fort Collins house. This timeline belongs to God and we know that He controls all things. Help the Thurmans to rest in Him through this process.
  • Pray for the Thurmans as they pack and prepare to move to Fort Collins in July. There are many logistics that need to be finalized in order to make this transition smoothly. Pray that God provides people to help with the move in Frankfort and with the unpacking and settling of the house in Fort Collins.
  • Pray now for future relationships in Fort Collins. Very soon the Thurmans will be in Fort Collins seeking to build relationships for the glory of God. Pray for open hearts and homes, and for opportunities to build relationships.
  • Pray for the Sampsons as they continue preparing to move to Fort Collins. Pray for the sale of their farm at the right price to provide the right house for their family in Fort Collins. Pray for Brooke’s health and for wisdom for the doctors as they treat her.
  • Pray for both the Thurmans and the Sampsons as they begin to say good-bye to family and friends in Frankfort. May we all keep our hearts and eyes focused on our Savior as we say these good-byes.
Zack Thurman