No man is an island. That is never more true than in church planting. As Jennifer and I prepare to move in July of 2017, we are ever more aware of our need for prayer partners. We are daily reminded that unless God does the work, our efforts are in vain. We NEED people to commit  to pray daily for this work that God is calling us to. We believe that the harvest is plentiful in Fort Collins and we know that God has called us to go to Fort Collins to share the gospel with those whom God has prepared. 

As you pray for Overland, pray these things specifically:

  • That Overland Church would be fully funded and God would provide all the financial needs for Overland, the Thurmans and the Sampsons.
  • That God would continue to stir the hearts of the people He is calling to join our team. Pray for their willing obedience to answer His call no matter the cost.
  • Pray for a door to open at CSU to give us access to the campus and students. Pray that we find favor with Colorado State as we seek to serve them first.
  • Pray for housing for the Thurmans and Sampsons. Pray that God would prepare the perfect buyers for their houses now and the perfect houses for them in Colorado.
  • Pray for the lost in Fort Collins. Pray for open hearts and ears to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Zack Thurman