Standing In The Gap

                 In our month here, we’ve spent a large portion of our time trying to meet our neighbors. God has blessed us by allowing us to meet close to fifty neighbors already. As we’ve made new connections, we can’t help but miss the connections and community we had in Kentucky. Being here has made us acutely aware of the large community of believers we had in Frankfort. We know that we will gradually build a new community as we reach people with the gospel and plant Overland. Until then, while we are in the gap, we need the community we left to stand in the gap for us.

                  We need you to pray for us as we continue to transition here in Fort Collins. It seems silly to say, but it’s true all the same, life is very different here in the West. There is little that looks familiar or feels familiar. While this is exciting and offers new adventure for our family, it can at times feel daunting and overwhelming. We need people to pray for us as we seek to make this city our new home. Often, as we pray for God to fight for us here, we ask Him to fight for us in our own hearts as we battle homesickness. We need people to pray for our hearts and the hearts of our children as they transition to a new way of life here and as we seek to fulfill God's call on our lives.

                  Pray for James and John Owen as they start a new school. Already they have met neighborhood kids and are making friends. James will begin kindergarten and John Owen will enter second grade. Pray God will continue to go before them in their school and will open doors for good friends and gospel opportunities.

                  Pray for Jennifer as she continues building relationships with other neighborhood moms and volunteers in the boys’ school.

                  Pray for me as I continue training and begin the work of planting Overland.

                  Pray for the CSU students returning to campus this week and next. Soon our city will look different as over 30,000 students descend upon the city. Pray for connections on campus as this is one of our biggest obstacles. Pray that God will continue to open doors for us to meet students and we will find favor on campus.

                  Pray that we will continue to find favor with our neighbors and others in our community.

                  Pray for hearts to be open to hear the gospel and for those who hear to believe the gospel.

                  We are asking God for a harvest. He is the Lord of the harvest and it is His kindness that draws people to repentance. We are asking God to shower this city and the campus with His kindness. May many come to know Him. 

Zack Thurman