A God-Sized Task

               The adage “You never know a man until you walk a mile in his shoes” is true of knowing a place, too. We learned as much as we could about Fort Collins before we moved. We read local newspapers, listened to town meetings, and made several trips out just to get a feel for our future home. In the month that we’ve been living here, we’ve worked hard to get a feel for the place. Though we had heard about the lostness here, had studied the statistics about churched and unchurched people, we have gained an even better understanding of the need here in these past four weeks than we had before. We’ve said it before, but now we can say it with eyes and ears that have seen and heard, the need for the gospel is great.

                  There is a high value on relationships and family here. It is not uncommon to see families spending time together everyday. Though there is a high value on family and relationships, most people here do not have a relationship with their heavenly Father, mostly because they haven’t heard a clear presentation of the truth of the gospel or they have preconceived ideas about church, religion, and God.

                  The need for the gospel is great, but as the need for the gospel is great, so is our need for partners. We are on the verge of reaching our goal for 2017, but we are still a ways away from our goal for 2018, our launch year. We need people to partner with us individually through prayer and financial support. We need churches who are willing to partner with us to plant Overland and who will commit to send short-term mission teams to help with our launch and who will commit to send families to relocate to Fort Collins to help us reach the lost.

                  We ask that you prayerfully consider becoming a partner with Overland. This is a God-sized task that lies ahead of us, but we know that God has called us here and that He builds His church. It is our privilege to be used by God to plant Overland. Will you join this effort?

Zack Thurman