The Writing On The Wall

                  It goes without saying that a cross-country move is no small feat. When we pulled out of our driveway the morning of July 13th, it was not lost on us what we were really leaving. God gifted us with an incredible life in Frankfort for twelve years. As we took one last look around our empty house, we couldn’t help but remember all the life that had been lived and the countless relationships we had built. As we spent the next two days driving through four states with the crew of people who volunteered to move us, it was as if God was sloughing away the idols and shiny things our hearts had clung to.

                  The drive was a catharsis of sorts, as we mentally and emotionally made the transition to our new life. It’s easy in these times to imagine that God is silent or He has forgotten us. In the months leading up to our move out West, we saw God move in incredible ways. Our prayers had been answered in very tangible and clear ways. Now our focus switched from getting to Fort Collins, to becoming a part of Fort Collins.

                  God faithfully met us every step of the way. Our drive was uneventful. Before we left Frankfort, we knew that there was a lot of work, mostly painting, to be done on our house in Fort Collins. A team of six people made the trip cross-country to help us paint and settle our bedrooms and office. What an incredible blessing these people were to us! Not only did we have people who were like family to us helping us digest our move in those first few days, but they worked tirelessly for a week helping us replace flooring, paint, and clean our entire upstairs floor.

                  God confirmed His calling for us to be here in so many tangible ways. Our first stop after we arrived in Fort Collins was the paint store. As we picked out our paint colors, we noticed that the store was having a paint sale and all paint was 40% off. We laughed at God’s timing and His hand in even the remodeling of our home. As we set to work on our upstairs, the street next to our house was closed for repairs. Every person who lived on the closed street was forced to park in front of our house. We moved our remodeling to our driveway and began building shelving for our garage so we could meet the thirty or so people who were “forced” to walk past our house.

                  After our crew of helpers returned home, we began the hunt for furniture for our new house. As many of you know, we sold, or left, all of our furniture, except for our bedroom furniture. We scoured the local want ads and asked God to fight for us in this because our funds were limited. As we drove around our city and neighboring towns checking out furniture, God provided us with two living room suits, a kitchen table, and a dining room table all for less than a $1000! And the people we met while buying furniture were a blessing, too!

                  Every time we’ve prayed and asked God to build His church, to open doors for us, to help us meet people, make friends, or gain access, He has done so. It is ever so clear to us that God is for us being here. He has prepared our way and continues to make our path straight. Often as we bike through the city or run through our neighborhood, we can’t help but know that the many, many people who drive past us, walk past us, or bike past us are loved by the great God we serve. He created them in His image and it’s clear to us that He moved mountains and continues to make a way for Overland Church. 

Zack Thurman