Parting The Waters

Part of moving across the country is the necessity to purge your house of unnecessary stuff, or just stuff you don’t want to haul across the country. We spent the first part of May purging our house of anything we didn’t want to take to Fort Collins. Our purging culminated in enough stuff for one big yard sale. We even had a 1967 Chevy truck to sell. Early one Saturday morning, we set out our stuff and asked the Lord to show us great favor. We wanted to see most of our stuff go in the yard sale and the Lord answered our prayers. Throughout the day, people turned off of US 60 into our neighborhood, their cars taking them down Lago Drive leading them to our house. Many people came and shopped our yard sale. The Lord blessed us with many people buying a lot of our stuff. We sat that night literally counting our blessings and not knowing how we would put to use the money we made. 

    We put the money in savings and set about getting our house ready to sell. We worked hard to clean out our house and remove half of our stuff to get it ready for an open house at the end of the month. Since we began the process of moving west, we’ve been asking the Lord to do big things. We’ve asked the Lord to prepare a buyer for our house and a house for us to buy in Fort Collins. On the Sunday of our open house, God answered our prayers. He sent a man to buy our house for our asking price. We left two days later for Fort Collins and after two days of looking for a house, God provided a house for us below asking price. Getting a contract on our house for our asking price and then signing a contract on a house in Fort Collins for below asking price is truly a miracle of God. He has shown Himself mighty and reminded us again of how He controls all things. He knows the housing markets of both states better than we do and He orchestrated the details to work in our favor and for His glory. He has truly worked mightily in our midst and our faith has been expanded and increased. If God is for you, who can truly be against you?

    While we have been preparing to move in July, the Sampsons have been steadily preparing for their move later this year. They have successfully sold all of the beef and cows they owned, as well as, other farm equipment. We know that God is moving in great ways and we are humbled to see the ways that He is showing Himself sovereign over all. Our blessings are great and we feel encouraged to make this transition. If God is doing this for us here, how much more is He doing in Fort Collins? How many more lives will move from darkness to light as the gospel is spread and lives are touched?

Zack Thurman