The Walls of Jericho... I mean Fort Collins

    Throughout this season of fundraising, Zack has repeated one truth, “God owns cattle on a thousand hills.” We know that church planting in the west requires a lot of money. Even as we feel the necessity to raise this money, we know that God has everything at His disposal and under His control. Throughout our fundraising season, we have focused on raising a team of people to partner with us. Some of those people will go with us to Fort Collins, but most will not, remaining where they are to hold the rope for us. Our coffee and dessert events have yielded sweet times of sharing some personal prayer requests and needs, while also joining our hearts to others. 

    We believe that God has not only called us to plant Overland Church, but He has and is calling others to partner with us on this journey. We know that there are people who have already answered this call and signed up to support Overland Church. We also know there are still many more who are feeling the call to join in planting Overland Church. We are working now to share the vision of Overland Church with individuals and churches. We are asking God to stir in the hearts of all those who hear a desire to join in supporting us.

    We are in need of much prayer. We know that prayer is a powerful tool that God has given to His people and we value the prayers of people greatly. As you pray, ask God to compel individuals and churches to partner with us through monthly support. This support is vital to fulfilling the vision of Overland Church and we believe that God uses His people and even those who do not follow Him to fulfill His plan. Will you prayerfully consider partnering with Overland Church through monthly financial support? Learn more HERE.

Zack Thurman