Sampson Update

Never has God’s might and power been more evident than in the lives of the Sampsons these past few weeks. Buddy has finished his tenure as a high school principal and has begun preparing his family for their move later this year. Buddy’s tenure as principal at Franklin County ended with a special induction into the Franklin County Hall of Fame and a special, annual award given in his honor to a student showing Christian character. Both of these are well-deserved and proof of the future impact that Buddy and Brooke will have in Fort Collins on the campus of Colorado State University.

    Additionally, the Sampsons have encountered a great testing of their faith through some medical issues that Brooke has experienced. Though some of these things are serious, we know that God is the Creator of all things and capable of all healing. Often when God calls us to make a great move for Him, we enter a time of testing through a storm. As the Sampsons navigate this present storm, we are asking God to do big and mighty things. We know that the God who set the world in motion controls all things.

    As the Sampsons navigate this season, they are also transitioning to a family of seven with the addition of their youngest son, Jude, recently adopted from South Korea. This season is one that they are navigating well and God is being glorified through their continued service to Him.

    Additionally, they are preparing to sell their farm and house. As they continue prepping their farm and house for sale, continue to pray for God to prepare a buyer for their farm and to provide the perfect house for them in Fort Collins. We know that God will continue to use them here even as they prepare to head west.

Zack Thurman